Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tag, I'm it...

I've been tagged by Virginia at Living the local life! She lives in New Hampshire, like myself, and blogs about the challenges and excitement of eating locally. This is a goal I've set for myself for the month of October and am excited to check out some of the same resources she's blogged about!

So here are my 7 random/weird facts about myself:

1. I don't think of myself as picky. But I do like my food a certain way. Turns out, I am indeed picky!

2.In fifth grade, I read at a seventh grade reading level. In sixth grade, we got a TV. In seventh grade, I read at a seventh grade reading level.

3. I rarely keep to a recipe.

4. I used to pretend I was a food network star and make commentary to my imaginary audience as I cooked or baked.

5. I'm not allergic to poison ivy. But I am sensitive to just about everything else under the sun!

6. I like to rearrange our furniture every few months.

7. 8 is my favorite/lucky number.

And here are my 7 random tags:
$5 Dinners (seriously), Jana's Journeys (Jana also contributes to the friendship of the fabulous foodies blog), Busy Bee (gardening, homeschooling, great pics, wow), The Happy Hut (refashion, container gardening, crafts, etc...), Bragger (funny funny funny!), Thimbly Things (crafts, raising kids, cooking, what doesn't she do?!).
Okay that was only six, but I tried!


$5 Dinner Mom said...

Thanks for the tag! I have limited internet...still without power...so will get to it soon! I love your site...I've visited it several times! I added you to my blogroll!
:) Erin

Virginia said...

Thanks for playing! Loved your facts!