Sunday, August 24, 2008

Berry Peachy Tarts, Results

whole peach
1/2 tbsp lemon juice
handfull berries
15 phillo cups

Cut up one peach, squirt lemon juice over peaches, and blend to a puree consistency. If you're serving right away, the lemon juice isn't necessary, but I was blending up the peaches the night before, assembling in the morning. I find that when cutting/blending most fruits it's beneficial to add the natural preserving benefits of lemon juice.
I love to use an immersion blender, just throwing everything into a mason jar to do the blending.

I bought pre-cooked phillo cups in trays of 15 so there was no prep for the cups. If you aren't buying premade, prep according to package directions.

Pour pureed peach into cups, top with berry. I used blueberries as they are in season right now.

Two words: Yum-Ee!!

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