Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pecan topped Sweet Potatoes

I'm back! After a week of arguing with the computer, the modem, the router, the ISP, and finally walking away...and back...I've finally got my internet working again! And now I'm in search for a fantastic onion idea I saw last week but didn't take the time to create a link to....this is why I have blecipes!!!
So in my search for this elusive onion recipe, I ran across Stephanie's idea for sweet potatoes and I happen to have everything on hand!

So I decided conclusively that I don't like using nuts in anything baked. Every time I walked past the crockpot, I just didn't like the smell. As I thought more about it, I can't recal ever liking nuts in my brownies or pies. Excluding pecan pie, of course. But with that much sugar, what wouldn't taste good.
Anyway, if I make this again, I'll probably forgo the pretzels and the pecans, and possibly even cut down on the cranberries because as much as I like cranberries, I didn't enjoy the whole fruit in the same bite as the sweet potatoes. I'd still use them though because the infused flavor was wonderfull.
Just me.

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